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Stop using other kitchen garbage bags, and start using Harmonyx! With the amount of garbage my household goes through, especially in the kitchen, I was so impressed with the quality and strength of these bags. The best part protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria and odors on the bags.

These kitchen garbage bags are great. They are reasonable priced. Come in a small container that is easy to store. I will be buying more of these for sure. They are strong never tore or created a mess they pull ties make for very easy changing of bags. And they are from recycled material a total win win! I will be looking for these in the store on my next shopping trip.

I LOVE these bags! They are amazing quality and contain protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria on the bags. They are also extremely durable and hold up to the most foul odors. I can't say enough good things about them and highly recommend them.

Harmonyx are fantastic, durable drawstring garbage bags made with protection to inhibit any bacteria growth and odors on the bags! The space saving tube makes it easy to store the bags right under the sink where you need them most."