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Q: What does the word Harmonyx™ mean?

A: The word Harmonyx™ means a symphony of Earth, Family and Technology.

Q: How do you pronounce Harmonyx™?

A: Harmonyx™ is pronounced "har MON ics".

Q: What sizes do Harmonyx™ Bags come in?

A: 13, 30, and 39 gallon sizes in a variety of Tall Kitchen, Large Trash and Lawn and Leaf bag options.

Q: Why is the bag black and white?

A: Harmonyx™ bags are black and white to conceal trash on the outside and offer a traditional bright white liner for the inside of your trash can.

Q: Why is the drawstring GREEN?

A: The drawstring is green to remind users that using Harmonyx™ Trash Bags helps save the environment.

Q: What percentage of recycled material goes into a Harmonyx™ Bag?

A: 50% of the material used to manufacture Harmonyx™ Trash Bags is from recycled post-industrial polyethylene that would otherwise go to a landfill. The other 50% is from a proprietary blend of plastic resins.

Q: How is antimicrobial product protection applied to the bags?

A: Antimicrobial product protection is built in during the manufacturing process.

Q: Does antimicrobial protection have an odor?

A: Antimicrobial protection does not have an odor.

Q: How long will antimicrobial protection inhibit the growth of bacteria and odors?

A: Antimicrobial protection will last for the lifetime of the trash bag.

Q: Can I store food in Harmonyx™ Bags?

A: Storing food in Harmonyx™ Trash Bags is not recommended.

Q: I don't have bacteria, mold or mildew problems in my kitchen. Should I still use Harmonyx Trash Bags?

A: Yes, using Harmonyx Trash Bags with antimicrobial compound will continuously inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria on the bag in your kitchen and home.

Q: Who manufactures Harmonyx™ Trash Bags?

A: Harmonyx™ Trash Bags are manufactured by Aluf Plastics in Orangeburg, NY.

Q: Where can I buy Harmonyx™ Trash Bags?

A: Click here for a list of retailers carrying Harmonyx™ Trash Bags RETAILERS.