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As President and CEO of Aluf Plastics, the manufacturer of Harmonyx bags, and also as a mother and grandmother, I understand how hectic it can be to shop, and how confusing it can be to buy the right trash bag. It should be simple, but it isn’t. There are different features such as, sizes, strengths, closures, scents, colors and quantities in each box, all designed to make your decision difficult not easy.

It got me thinking, “does it have to be so difficult to make a decision about trash bags”? The obvious answer was NO! Just create one bag that has it all. That insight led to the creation of Harmonyx™ (har mon’ ics), a bag with ALL the features of a high performance bag, PLUS new exclusive innovations, all at a VERY friendly price.

You want a strong bag, so our bags are built 3 Ply strong. You want odor control, so Harmonyx™ trash bags are made with antimicrobial product protection, which inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, making your kitchen a more pleasant place to eat and prepare meals.

But there’s more! Harmonyx™ is both user friendly and earth friendly. Each bag is built with 50% recycled material so it is better for the environment, for our children, and their children. We also made Harmonyx user friendly by packaging it in the first and only patented, space saving, self-dispensing tube. Just pull out a bag and the next one is ready to go. Lastly, Harmonyx is black and white, white on the inside and black on the outside to conceal your trash.Putting all these features into one bag makes choosing the right trash bag EASY!

Just look for the Harmonyx™ tube. Harmonyx™ the only trash bag that has it all!
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